Yeiou Paper Objects for AMP

I always meet such wonderful vendors at wedding shows, and constantly stay on the lookout for awesome products for our AMP couples. And Yeiou Paper Objects (pronounce like “hi, you”) has some exceptionally terrific items, like paper banners, gift boxes, and more. Abigail is is a cheery DIY-er, and is great about customizing options to fit what you need. I would highly recommend checking out her hand-crafted offerings for favors or decoration at your wedding or event. This time though, I also couldn’t resist these adorable paper products for our use too! Every AMP couple who has an in-person ordering meeting with us this 2016 year will receive their USB in these custom watercolored paper boxes. Seriously so fun!

Not to mention, in-person ordering meetings make decision making easier and faster, with the help of your trusty professional photographer. I walk you through your photos and relive your day with you both. You can see our unique display options again first hand at the ordering meeting, so you can make better product buying decisions. It’s a win, win.

Yeiou Paper Boxes-1Yeiou Paper Boxes-4Yeiou Paper Boxes-2Yeiou Paper Boxes-8