Wychmere Beach Club Wedding : Second Shooting

As I was reviewing my work and updating my portfolio in the new year, I came across these photos from a Wychmere Beach Club wedding I took way back in 2015 when I had the privilege to second shoot with the ever-amazing Greer Rivera. She was a stunning Cape Cod photographer who has moved out to CA to pursue product and model photography. I learned so much following another photographer’s lead! It is so interesting to watch how other people work and how they see a scene. Also, I enjoyed being able to get creative and focus on more of the forgotten aspects of the day. I even got to get ready with the guys, which I never do (Jason always gets that pleasure)! So while there are not all the “traditional” shots, I wanted to share these beauties with you because I truly love them. I am excited to return here for Mary + Dan’s wedding reception this fall!! Maybe 2018 will bring me even more weddings at the Wychmere Beach Club… pretty please??