Woodfin – Lenaghan Wedding

Woodfin-Lenaghan Wedding CLR-253

Our first wedding of 2016 kicked our year off fabulously!! Paige and Patrick tied the knot at Linden Place in Bristol, RI on a chilly but bright February day. They planned to get ready within walking distance from the venue (so smart) and it gave the guys time to stop for some liquid courage before the ceremony. The bride and her girls were smiling and laughing at Hair, Heart, and Soul while they got more beautiful for the big event before heading to the mansion to get dressed.

Patrick and Paige said their written vows to one another in front of the big warm fireplace surrounded by candlelight, flowers, and loved ones. Their mothers both shared a reading with the couple. The bride’s grandmother read a poem that was recited at HER wedding day years before, and everyone had tears in their eyes. It was the perfect way to begin this couple’s life together as husband and wife.

Paige drew inspiration from the 20s and the pinup style that she likes, and she fell in love the ambiance that Linden Place provided. It was like stepping back in time. We love the four story staircase, the glass atrium, and the large white columns of the building. The bride and groom and their bridal party were troopers about braving the cold. And they warmed up quickly once they started taking polaroids for the guest book and dancing the night away in the ballroom.

As Paige said when I first met with the couple, “I love today, and all I want is today for the rest of my life.” Wishing you both many todays. Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Lenaghan!

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