Window Light | November 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 3 This week’s challenge was a portrait using natural window lighting. I was especially trying to get the Rembrandt triangle (see the dark triangle shadow by my nose?) I decided to take this week’s challenge a little further. I used myself as the subject (always a struggle) and also took time to reflect more on me as a photographer to get a true “picture.”  So I know this is a long post, but take a peek into the window of Amanda. What do I love to photograph?

I love to photograph love. I love to take pictures of people who are comfortable and having fun. I want to photograph people who are engaged in an activity and with each other. I like to capture beautiful candid moments where the photographer is hardly even noticed. After our session together, I want my clients to remember a fun night with their significant other, fiancé, or kids. I love to photograph people laughing and relaxed.


What am I good at?

I am good at composing my pictures. I have an eye for setting up a scene and picking locations. I feel like I can make any place a “good picture” place.  I am good at portraits and capturing people’s emotions and personalities. I can show the interaction between people, especially those who care for one another. I am good with kids and playing with them.


5 words that describe my personality.

  1. Friendly
  2. Confident
  3. Stylish
  4. Loving
  5. Playful


Why am I doing this?

I want to create memories through images and experience.  I see beauty all around me, and I want to capture it so that it can be shared. I have the worst memory ever, so taking pictures freezes that moment in time, and lets me look back to remember. I want my clients to look back at their images and remember a great time with their loved ones. I love to see my images being used for save-the-dates, albums, wall displays, etc. because it is a sharing of the love and beauty that is all around us.


What is my business vision?

My vision is to be able to take amazingly crisp and authentic images which I share with people who care about memories. My business should be able to sustain a life where I am doing what I love. I specialize in weddings and portraits, but especially love couples’ and families’ sessions. I want to be part of people’s happy moments, and I want to create happy memories with my clients.  I want to get to know my clients, and to show their love and relationships through my pictures.

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