Why You Need An Engagement Session | Amanda MacDonald Photography

I offer an engagement session with every wedding collection not just because they are super-fun (although they are!). I always say, you wouldn’t go to the ceremony without doing a rehearsal, so you shouldn’t go to your wedding without an engagement session. There are very good reasons why you need one.

Why You Need an Engagement Session

1. Get Comfortable.

Many couples act differently in front of the camera versus real life. Everyone has a different reaction to being photographed. For some reason, once the camera goes up to my eye, people either get shy or exaggerated. It is really important that before your wedding day, you get comfortable in front of the camera. Then you will look your best for the big event!

2. Get to Know Your Photographer.

Selecting a photographer is like choosing a new friend without having hardly met her. You are placing a lot of trust in me, so I want to talk to you lots! The engagement session allows us time to be friendly, and you can see my shooting style. I like to be close to you and your fiance, creating intimate images. One of my favorites is having the foreground in focus and you two out of focus (see below). You need to be used to your photographer’s style by your wedding day. That way, when I am standing in the bushes during your portraits, you can say “Oh, that’s just Amanda.” and trust that your pictures will be awesome!

H&P Arboretum 2013-33

3. Get to Know Your Style.

Maybe you and your fiance are quiet and romantic. Or, maybe you are playful and spontaneous. An engagement session gives me a chance to get a feel for what poses you are comfortable with and look best. I don’t want to be asking you to do things that make you uncomfortable on your wedding day when you are already super-nervous and excited. You will see what style of pictures you like and what type of poses work for you.

K&R Brookdale 2013 BW-6345

Neither is better than the other, but they are two different styles.

4. Editing Speed.

The first time I edit images of a couple, it takes me a bit longer because I am getting accustomed to their skin tones, smiles, etc. The engagement session gives me time to fine-tune all my editing, so that I can get your wedding pictures to you even faster!

5. Awesome Pictures

Okay, so this is my opinion. I love engagement pictures, and think they are some of the best images around. When you are in your fancy wedding dress and tux, you aren’t going to want to sit in the grass and snuggle. (If you are, you are AMAZINGLY COOL and please let me take your picture?!) Engagement sessions let you be yourselves in regular clothes and will be images to frame forever. They express what you want to remember about your relationship from before you became husband and wife.

JennieAnn & Brett Engagement-0189

I could probably keep going, but there are at least five good reasons why you need an engagement session.

I know that scheduling an engagement session while planning a wedding can lead to a time crunch. I hope this post sheds some light on why it is so important. If your photographer does not offer an engagement session with their packages, please consider reaching out to another photographer to get them done so you are ready for your big day. You wouldn’t go to the ceremony without doing a rehearsal, so you shouldn’t go to your wedding without an engagement session.