Why You Need a Wedding Album


Your wedding is a fairytale, with a romantic proposal, a royal ball, and a happily ever after. And what better way to tell that story than a book? Or, more literally, an album.

Wedding albums have come a long way from sticking large, glossy prints into a giant white pleather monstrosity that you can hardly lift, never mind find somewhere to store it.

Picture instead a beautiful silk book filled with specially designed collages printed flush onto fine art watercolor pages with a matte finish. That fits perfectly into a hand-crafted wooden box for easy and safe storage, along with all your other wedding details. THAT is the album you need (and coincidentally the one we give you).


Here’s why an album rocks:

It tells your story

It’s visually stunning

It’s your first family heirloom

It’s made to stand the test of time

It doesn’t have to keep up with technology

It’s irreplaceable

It’s fun to look at it

It is a viewing experience

You may be thinking you’ll create a photo album yourself after your wedding. And I hope you do! I love scrapbooking as much as the next person (or possibly more). But a wedding album designed by your photographer is not in competition with your scrapbook, and it doesn’t need to be one or the other.

Also, let me say, I love social media and digital images; HOWEVER, a USB is not the same as an album. A web gallery is not the same as an album. Digital images have the makings of heirlooms, but they aren’t enough. Consider loving your photos enough to keep them, protect them, and share them for many years to come.

Now, go get that wedding album!


The AMP experience includes an album. We feel so strongly about the importance of preserving your photos, and we just love our eco-friendly, hand-bound books. Read more about our albums here.