Why Less Photos = More Happiness

More is better, right? Not in terms of wedding photos! Here are some reasons why you might not want a ton of images from your day.

1. Stress – It is so overwhelming to receive 1,000 + photos that look similar except for a head tilt. You don’t want that stress when you see your images. You want the best of the best, looking fabulous and ready to share.

2. Time – You’re back from your honeymoon, and you want to see some wedding photos! The more images your photographer has to edit, the longer you can expect to wait to see them. More pictures means more waiting.

3. Time (Again) – Once you have your images, you want to enjoy them. When it takes 3 hours to look through your 1,000+ wedding photos once, you won’t want to do it!

4. Prints – You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to decide between two or three photos that look almost identical. If you are like me and hate decisions, you will give up before you’ve selected any to print.

5. Over-sharing – Just like you don’t want to take 3 hours to look at your wedding photos, no one else will want to either. When you show your pictures to family, friends, and co-workers you don’t want to see their eyes glaze over. You want them excited and gushing about all of them.

Not everyone feels the same way we do, and that’s ok! But to us, around 500 photos is enough. You will love them all and will enjoy every. single. picture. Less photos = more happiness!

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