8 Reasons to Love Snow Portraits | Plymouth MA

Remember being a kid and the excitement before a storm? I still get that way now, because that means I am going to get some fantastic photo opportunities.

I am like a little kid on a snow day! 🙂

Think about all the awesome things about snowstorms:

  • Cute hats, mittens, scarves, boots, and so on
  • Naturally rosy cheeks
  • Bright, white, and clean everything
  • Snowmen
  • Snowball fights
  • Sledding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hot chocolate

The photographer in me loves the natural reflector the snow is, creating gorgeous lighting on my subjects. The background is instantly prettier with the white fluffy stuff that glitters in the sun. I live in New England because I love the seasons – ALL of them. Plus, snow is something you are going to want to remember for years to come. People still talk about the blizzard of ’78. Or maybe you’ll be living somewhere else with a warmer climate in the future and not have snowstorms anymore. (I know its hard to believe now when you are shoveling, but I promise, you will miss this!)

Amy & Dan Engagement CLR-29Emily & Tim Engagement CLR-27Amy & Dan Engagement BW-13Kayleigh & Nick Engagement CLR-14

For those of you who think, “It’s cold” – well yes, you have to bundle up. But that is part of the fun! Cold weather means snuggles and being playful. Plus, there is a natural prop all over the place – snow! You can do all sorts of fun and crazy things with it.

So please, consider getting your pictures taken in the winter. Don’t put off your engagement session or wedding, just because the weather isn’t sunny and warm. Celebrate that you got engaged on Christmas Day by having engagement pictures with snow! Embrace where you live, and have fun with it. I can guarantee your photos will stand out because they aren’t like everyone else’s.

Emily & Tim Engagement CLR-14

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