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I get asked this question many times as I am snapping pictures of the bride getting ready. It is a source of much debate, even on the internet. Traditionally, garters were to keep up your stockings, and were worn on both legs. Because of that, it does not matter which leg you put yours on for your wedding. You won’t jinx yourself with 10 years bad luck or anything!

However, here a few things to think about:

1. If you are tossing a garter and keeping a garter, be sure to put the one you are keeping on FIRST. You don’t want your guy grabbing the wrong one. And on that note, put both garters on the same leg to also avoid the confusion.


2. You might want to give the groom some directions beforehand, to avoid some awkward moments. Just whisper it in his ear, or discuss it the night before.

3. There are some very fun ways to make this tradition unique. Depending on your personalities, you can make it as silly or sultry as you like. Maybe your guy emerges with it in his teeth. Or maybe he comes out with something unexpected




4. In relation to that, if you don’t like the tradition, don’t do it! Your day, your rules. There are many other fun wedding games that you could play instead. Heard of the shoe game?

5. I know on my wedding day, my garters were extremely uncomfortable, and one actually was too big! Don’t be like me. Take the garters out of the box and decide if/how to wear them. My solution was to only wear the garter to toss, and I put it on in the bathroom right before the tossing.fiore-miele-wedding-clr-24




Most important thing – have FUN with it! It’s a goofy, awkward tradition that makes everyone giggle. Laugh along with them!

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