What is Photojournalism? (And Why You Want it For Your Wedding)

This term gets thrown around on photographer’s websites all the time: Photojournalism. What does it mean? Officially, it is defined as “the practice of creating a visual representation of a newsworthy event with several dynamic photographs.” In real words, it means the telling of a story through images.

Moore-Young Wedding BW-48


You know your wedding day is more than just posed photos and fake smiles – it’s the un-scripted, real moments that matter. Wedding photographers who specialize in photojournalism capture the whole story of your big day, from the little details to the spontaneous laughs or tears. More importantly, a photojournalist must follow a some rules. The journalist must try to tell the story in the most fair, balanced and unbiased way possible. In terms of wedding photography, this means we aren’t going to be asking you to re-do the same actions over again to make it look perfect. We capture it just how it is, and how you will remember it. This also applies to the post-processing of your images. Photojournalism rules state that nothing should be edited in or out of photos. Post-production work should really only focus on correcting color problems, exposure and crookedness, and slight sharpness problems.


Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-382

Now, Jason and I bend the rules a bit. We might ask you to step into some really pretty light, or in front of an awesome backdrop. We may ask you to clean up your getting ready room just a bit before we start shooting photos. We might edit out that bright exit sign, or remove a blemish on your skin. But the main objective is the same. We tell your story in the most authentic and meaningful way through our images. Here are some of our favorite documentary wedding and engagement moments from this past year.
Flynn-Frasca Wedding CLR-46Mazzara-Vettori Wedding CLR-3Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-160Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-14
Flynn-Frasca Wedding CLR-59
Glow-Priddle Wedding CLR-16
Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-99Flynn-Frasca Wedding CLR-243Becky & Todd Engagement CLR-13Krafchick Engagement CLR-14J2M_5407Rowan-Matook Wedding-28Hight-Bartel Wedding CLR-182Moore-Young Wedding CLR-161

Morrison-Powers Wedding-209Mazzara-Vettori Wedding BW-290Moore-Young Wedding CLR-390Moore-Young Wedding BW-361