My Favorite Valentine’s Day


My Favorite Valentine’s Day…

When Jason and I first started dating back in 2003 (yup, that long ago!) we planned a romantic dinner out in Boston. I can’t even remember the destination now, but it was going to be amazing. He gave me a red rose as I got in the car in my fancy dress. He looked so spiffy in his tie. And with big expectations, we headed into the city.

This was before we had GPS on our phones (we are THAT old), so we had an actual printed map to find the restaurant. As we entered Boston, we managed to get all turned around. We drove for two hours in circles, getting stuck on one-way roads or missing intersections. Finally, we gave up on our reservation. And it was the most romantic night ever.

We spent the night listening to our favorite songs. We talked for hours in the car. We drove around a gorgeous city, enjoying each other’s company. And when we were finally starved, we brought our fancy selves into an empty fast food place. We laughed at ourselves and had a blast. The disaster of a night turned into the best date ever because I was spending it with the guy I love.

Now it is our unintentional Valentine’s Day tradition to get fast food together. It’s fun to celebrate the imperfect moments.


Happy Valentine’s Day!