Tips for Picking Your Engagement Session Location

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The engagement session is an important part of the photography process, and one of my favorites! There are many reasons why you need an engagement session. But now that you know you want one, where to begin with planning?

Here are some tips for picking your engagement session location:

1. Think about the “feel” you want – There are really 4 types of locations: urban, rural, beach, woods. Decide what type of feel you want your photos to have. Are you looking for laid-back, rustic? Or adventurous? Or some nautical fun? Some couples like their engagement pictures to match their wedding, so you can use the style and colors of your big day to help direct your session.

2. Pick somewhere special to you – One of the trickiest questions I ask my couples is what they want to remember about the two of them, right now. Your engagement session should capture you perfectly as you are. Do you like to get dressed up and paint the town? Then an urban setting would be good for you. Maybe you can visit where you popped the question and get some great pictures there. Where ever you choose, make sure it is special to you.

3. Consider accessibility – A stunning sunset at the top of a mountain will make some amazing photos, but is it realistically accessible? Think about places you’ll want to walk in your outfit (and more importantly, your shoes!!). Alternatively, if the location is swarmed with people and/or other photographers, it will make it hard to relax and be comfortable. The perfect location will be easily accessible, but not super popular.

4. Schedule the best time – This almost falls under accessibility, as some locations aren’t open at certain times of the year or day. Also, the light changes throughout the day, and with the seasons. Depending on when you schedule your engagement session, the photos will have very different looks

5. Ask your photographer – If you are really stuck, ask! As with anything, we photographers have a few ideas up our sleeves. Give us as much information about the two of you that you can, and we can help select the perfect engagement session location!

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