Rainy Spring Engagement : Tim Loves Sarah

I was happy to meet Sarah and Tim at Minuteman National Park in Concord, MA on a rainy spring afternoon. We brought umbrellas, just in case, and crossed our fingers the weather would hold out. It totally did, and the overcast light was simply beautiful. The first time I had been here was in the winter for an awesome snowy session, so this time we got to explore more of the park. Sarah and Tim were easy to be with, and we fell into good conversation as we walked about. They are such a relaxed couple, and truly lovely together. They interact so sweetly and are very considerate of one another.

Tim told me that Sarah is down-to-earth, and unlike anyone else he knew, which is what made him fall in love with her. They met online and had their first date at an indoor mini golf course. They said it was somewhat awkward as the place was clearly made for kids, but had fun together anyways. Now they are excited to have everyone they love come together so they can get married!

We know their May wedding at Plimoth Plantation is going to simply be full of tenderness and joy. Cheers to Sarah + Tim!