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Enjoy Your Wedding

The secret to better wedding photos? ENJOY YOUR WEDDING!

It’s that simple. This piece of what seems like obvious advice is the #1 tip that will improve your photos. Why? Because when you are having fun and are lost in the moment, then your images will reflect that. Your wedding pictures will be candid and meaningful, and will bring back the joy you felt in that moment.


Don’t let the craziness of the day ruin your celebration. If your behind schedule or someone doesn’t look their best, just let it go. Relax and get married to the one you love. Choose to have fun, and you will! This is your big day that you have spent months and months planning. Enjoy all those details that you stressed over – the flowers, the DJ, the cake. Don’t be afraid to act silly or jump for joy or even just take a moment to breathe.

Hanlon Wedding-112

Dionne Wedding Album Pics-26Smiling guests, laughing bridal parties, and snuggling brides and grooms make for some amazing images. This will not only make your photographer happy, but you too!


Hanlon Wedding-100

Here is an awesome Buzzfeed post with some tips on how exactly to make sure you ENJOY your WEDDING! One of my favorites – don’t forget to dance!

Dionne Wedding Album Pics-142


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