Bristol Autumn Engagement : Dave Loves Stephanie


Steph and Dave braved a chilly and windy autumn day at Colt State Park for their engagement session, and it was very worth it! Dave proposed on the beach, so it was great to return to the seaside for their photos. Their love glowed as bright as the pretty golden light that shone through the fall foliage. They snuggled close together the whole time due partly to the weather but more so because of their love. This couple is down-to-earth and it was really enjoyable to spend an evening with them both. Dave loves how Stephanie relishes every moment and has the rare ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Steph appreciates how Dave can make her laugh, as I got to see as he whispered into her ear and made her whole face light up with merriment.

We can’t wait for their Rhode Island wedding in August. Cheers, Steph + Dave!