Rustic Wedding Staples Done in New Ways

Chalkboards, mason jars, burlap… these rustic wedding staples are starting to get a bad name because of how often they get over-used. Instead of being scared to use these awesome elements in your wedding, get creative with your design. After all, they became must-haves for their unique look and versatility! If you love the rustic charm that accompanies these items, here is inspiration for some fun and new ways to incorporate them into your big day.

  1. Mason Jar Favors:Kwan-Daley Wedding CLR-67Harris-Diggle Wedding-2

Guests will love your homemade jellies and jams in cute little mason jars, or fill them with your favorite candies. A small way to add jars to your wedding day without making them part of your decor.


2. Burlap Bow-Ties: Harris-Diggle Wedding-128A subtle and clever way to use burlap is to have your groom and groomsmen rock these bow-ties. They look fabulous with tan suits like pictured above, and are a rustic wedding dream. Find them here.


3. Chalkboard Wedding Program:

Rowan-Matook Wedding-13

Skip the paper that just gets tossed after the big day, and use a chalkboard sign as your wedding program. You can list the schedule of the day and the names of your wedding party, and all the important details your guests may like to know. Eco-friendly + rustic = Win.


4. Mason Jar Beverage Glasses:

Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-249

These mason jar glasses give an outdoor wedding the feeling of being at a picnic with friends. Add a cute paper straw in your wedding colors to be extra rustic and lovely. Find them here.


5. Chalkboard Bottles:Flynn-Frasca Wedding CLR-264Flynn-Frasca Wedding CLR-159

Who said that you had to use a chalkBOARD? With the use of special paint, you can make anything a writable chalkboard. Limitless possibilities include bottles for table numbers and thank-you photo props like above, or whatever you can dream up!


6. Mason Jar Candles/Lanterns:

Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-394Mazzara-Vettori Wedding CLR-309

A bit more traditional of a use, but definitely can be made original with some DIY tweaks. We love the metallic paint on the lantern above to make it look like stars, or the lace wrapped around the candles as part of the table centerpiece.


P.S. All the photos are from real AMP weddings and taken by us. As with anything on your wedding day, don’t let what others say or do you limit your creativity. This is your big day, and you should embrace any trend that you love. Always pick items that speak to you, and your wedding will really reflect your personalities and be truly YOURS.

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