Quirky Coral Wedding | Plymouth, MA

Bowtie placards, superhero socks (with capes), a custom cake topper, a hand-sewed “something blue”, coral bridesmaid dresses, oversized marquis lights…  the bright DIY details make this spring wedding so perfectly quirky and unique.

Venue: Pavilion at Pinehills  //  Florist: Stop & Shop – Nadia  //  Cake: Fratelli’s  //  Music: Taste of Music  //  Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse  //

 Dress: Madeleines Daughter, Portsmouth  //  Marquis Letters: Your Love in Lights

Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-14Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-8Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-12Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-26Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-23Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-69-1Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-48Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-73Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-124Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-127Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-131Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-191Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-188Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-184Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-286Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-506Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-335Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-357-1Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-367Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-509Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-387Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-384Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-391Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-402Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-397Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-386Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-585Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-617

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