Our Proposal Story


Five years ago today. We were just kids!!!


I love getting to hear couple’s beautiful, romantic and/or funny proposal stories. So I figured, I would share mine!

When I woke in our hotel in Niagra Falls on April 23rd, 2009 Jason was smiling at me. He was trembling. I asked if he was okay, and he reassured me he was. I tried rolling over to go back to sleep, but he was still just looking at me. So I decided to get up and went into the bathroom. I could hear him rustling about and I started to get nervous as to what he was up to. My paranoid mind jumped to, “He must be getting ready to kill me.”

So it totally surprised me when I opened the door and he got on one knee. And just like that, he PROPOSED! There was the song “The Question” playing softly in the background. My first response was, “Are you sure?” Then with some very happy tears, I of course replied, YES!

We spent the rest of our vacation telling everyone the big news, even complete strangers. I wore my ring on the wrong hand for the entire time (no one corrected me!). We saw the Falls, went wine tasting, and saw shows. Then after the long weekend away, on the whole car ride home to Massachusetts, we began planning our wedding.

Simply put, it was perfect.


Here is the picture I snapped two minutes after Jason proposed.