Mullin-Bramble Wedding

Mullin-Bramble Wedding CLR-100

We were honored to photograph Spencer and Gary’s festive and fun wedding at the Whistler House in Lowell. The art museum was all dressed up for the holidays and was a spectacular backdrop for this special day. The ceremony was touching, recounting how Spencer and Gary met on a September night at a seat by the piano… and the rest was history. There were tears of joy as well as a few laughs, like when the wedding bands were a bit tight to get on! After a few family formals in front of the Christmas tree, it was time to celebrate in the Parker Gallery. Candle centerpieces burned cheerfully among the paintings and the guests, with smiles all around. The best men gave toasts to the newlyweds, and then friends wrote a mini-musical just for Spencer and Gary! A fitting tribute to the couple, who couldn’t keep from laughing and singing along. Delicious food filled the event – Jason’s favorite being the hot apple crisp cups.

Love is always something to celebrate, and we are so joyful that Gary and Spencer have each other. Wishing all the best to the wonderful newlyweds!!

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