Martin-Coyne Wedding

Martin-Coyne Wedding CLR-249The Jones River Trading Co. was a venue on our dream shoot list, and did not disappoint for our first wedding there! The waterfall, rustic hardwood floors, and the crew boat in the rafters are stunning; yet, it couldn’t steal the attention away from the newlyweds, Kim and John, who were glowingly happy in love.

Kim and John’s big day in June was a bit rainy, but they managed to sneak in their ceremony outside like they wanted. It was a sweet ceremony under a large willow tree, with the sound of the waterfall behind them. They gifted their moms roses during the ceremony to say thank you. Their first kiss as husband and wife was met with great cheers from their family and friends!

Their bridal party and groomsmen were too much fun, arriving in masks, taking goofy photos, and making the bride and groom laugh. They certainly know how to make taking photos entertaining. We then explored the grounds with the newlyweds, getting some fabulous portraits. They love the rustic look like we do, and we were all happy to find lots of chipped paint, clapboards, and nature surrounding the area.

Kim creates personalized items for weddings with her company Kim’s Keepsakes, and used her talent for crafting to fill her day with DIY details and personal touches. Like the bride’s “something blue” was a sewn blue heart on her petty coat with a message from her grandfather, and in his handwriting. Or the pretty flower centerpieces she and her helpers created by hand. And the printed program-fans. Plus, the chalkboard signs, guest sign-in shadow box, seating chart window pane, candy bar…. Basically everything! (She even gifted Jason and I an amazing hand-embroided teal bicycle in a frame. Such a sweetheart!)

Cheers to many years of joy and love. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Coyne!

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