Make Your Photographer Love You

Becky & Todd Engagement CLR-19

You are in love… now make your photographer fall in love with you!

You want your wedding photographer to be just as excited to take pictures with you as you are with her. Your wedding is unique and special, just like the two of you. Once a photographer gets to know you, there is no way she wouldn’t be jumping for joy to photograph you! But your quick “prices?” email doesn’t do you any justice. Here are some tips to make your photographer fall in love with you right from the first contact:

Tell about your event There is a lot of details when it comes to weddings, and we aren’t asking you to give us a full timeline (yet) but at least give us a date! Tell us you AND your fiancé’s name, where you are located, rough timeframe, and other big things we should know.

Tell a fun fact Please make this as random as possible. It will make you stick out, and let us know more about you.

Tell why you are excited – Now that we have a bit of an idea about you, tell us why you are interested in us. A simple, “Your photos are great” is good, but not exactly words you would use to make someone fall in love. Be specific, use descriptive words, and mention the thing that got you to contact us; because, we will then be excited to contact you too.

Send a picture  This is optional in my mind, but can be really useful. Including a picture of you both does two things. We now can find you easily when we meet. But more importantly, it lets us see a photo you love, which in turn lets us see a bit of your photography style and natural posing.  Photographers are visual people, so show us your grins and we’ll definitely remember you!

You really only need a sentence for each of these, which is only a paragraph long. Easy-peasy! And I promise, your photographer will love you for it.