Style Tips for Winter Photos

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Winter is one of my favorite times to photograph for many reasons. But people tend to shy away from snowy sessions because of the cold. Here are a few tips for a fabulous a winter session

1. Layers – Bundling up will help keep you warm, but also make your images more interesting. Plus, you can shed or add layers to change up your look mid-session. Sweaters and a cute coat are a must.

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2. Color – Add a pop of color to your outfit, so you really stand out against the white or gray background. When everything is monotone around you, you’ll look great. My favorites? Jewel tones (such as plum, navy, or emerald) look really terrific with winter images. Accessories are a perfect way to add color.


Kayleigh & Nick Engagement CLR-243. Boots – These are a must have for snow covered ground, but really make your winter photos cute. Wool socks or leg warmers that stick out just above the boot look so cozy.

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4. Accessories – There are so many charming winter accessories: blankets, hats, scarves, mittens… Play with them all! That is what is so awesome about winter sessions. Use accessories to add a pop of color and/or texture to your photos.

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5. Hair and Makeup – Keep your makeup light and fresh, as you want to seem like you are out for a stroll with your man. The chilly weather will add a beautiful glow and pink to your cheeks, so you may want to skip the blush. I advise bringing your hat or earmuffs instead of wearing them to the session. You will want to get a few photos without it before you muss up your hair!

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6. Bring an extra coat/scarf – Changing the look of your winter engagement outfit is simple. Get two looks easily by bringing another set of outerwear, as that is what you are seeing in your photos! Also, consider taking a few photos without a coat at all, so we can see the adorable clothes you have underneath.


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