Kayla Loves Russ : Pinehills Wedding

Lenane-Burrows Wedding CLR-359Kayla and Russ are the sweetest couple you may ever meet. Their journey together literally started at the hospital, when they were in the nursery together, since they were born just one day apart in the same place! They describe themselves as romantic and a bit quirky, and their wedding day at Pinehills Golf Club matched their personalities to a tee. (pun intended)

We began the sunny April day at a rented house on the ocean, Idlewild, where the ladies were getting ready. The three story house felt filled to the brim with bridesmaids and relatives, and was the perfect spot to begin the day. Kayla was all smiles, a little nervous, but very excited to being marrying Russ. Her stunning lace top dress with a crystal belt had so many little buttons up the back. Luckily, she owns a gorgeous antique button hook to help out. Russ and the gents were laid back, playing corn hole when we arrived. However, they quickly dressed-to-impressed and even snuck in some portraits as well.

Russ and Kayla’s ceremony at the gazebo was emotional as the couple read hand-written vows that left no one with a dry eye, including the photographers! They talked about their future together and all the wonderful reasons they loved one another. Russ tried to offer a kiss to Kayla as she was crying through her vows, but to the laughter of everyone Kayla made sure he waited until it was announced! The couple and bridal party practically danced back down the aisle, ready to celebrate.

After some laughs and drinks, we squirreled away the newlyweds on a golf cart to a dirt path and gate on the property for some romantic rustic photos. Kayla and Russ were happy to snuggle and simply enjoy some alone time together. This large bridal party meant lots of fun, including some fabulously silly introductions and speeches. There were lifejackets and fishing rods, bubble guns, and shenanigans. The maid of honor Regan and best man Sean literally switched outfits, and Regan rapped her speech to the couple. This kicked off an amazing night of dancing and fun to celebrate the new husband and wife.

Kayla and Russ had so many quirky details, such as bowties as place cards, superhero socks complete with capes, and glow stick glasses. Our favorite was the custom cake-topper of the couple in their Jeep Wrangler. We are still crying and laughing as we view the photos from this beautiful, hilarious, and emotional day. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Burrows!

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