Kwan-Daley Wedding

Kwan-Daley Wedding CLR-26Judy and Kevin may be one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. These two were constantly considerate of their guests, especially their grandmothers, taking care to make everyone was comfortable and welcome. We did a first look with the couple at the waterfront of Lake Pearl with their bridal party looking on. Such a lovely idea! It gave us lots of time to get some romantic portraits and nice moments with the bridal party before the ceremony, leaving us lots of time for the family formals after. Which was great, because we got some awesome large groups, like the alums from Holy Cross and the PwC ladies! The newlyweds were sure to greet and spend time with every guest as everyone danced into the night. It was a perfect evening for a perfect couple.

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Mr. & Mrs. Daley are excited to be heading to New Zealand and doing the LOTR tour in the fall for their honeymoon. Jason is definitely ready to hide in their suitcases! You can see all their wedding photos in the Daley Wedding Online Gallery.