Kristin + Bryan : Engaged!

Kristin & Bryan Engagement CLR-14A beach engagement session right in my own town of Onset? Yes please!!

It was a gorgeous summer evening on the water, and Kristin and Bryan are so in love you can’t help but smile with them. Bryan is goofy and charming, sweeping Kristin off her feet when she leasts expects it. And while we had many laughs, there were also romantic moments that could take your breath away.

Their wedding this weekend is going to be ah-mazing! Cheers, Kristin & Bryan!!

Kristin & Bryan Engagement CLR-1Kristin & Bryan Engagement CLR-6Kristin & Bryan Engagement CLR-12Kristin & Bryan Engagement CLR-19Kristin & Bryan Engagement CLR-22Kristin & Bryan Engagement CLR-27