Kneeland-Anderson Wedding

Kneeland-Anderson Wedding CLR-377

Ashley and Mike have been together since they were freshmen at Curry College, and they just recently became Mr. + Mrs.! It was a beautiful June day for their garden wedding at Plimoth Plantation. The ceremony was held in front of a bubbling pool, under an arch covered in greenery, before all their family and friends. There were butterflies fluttering throughout the garden while Mike and Ashley said their vows. The couple tied the knot, literally, to secure their everlasting bond. Their excitement was contagious as they kissed for the first time as husband and wife.

It was amazing to be a part of Ashley and Mike’s wedding. They are a wonderful couple who are clearly in love. We didn’t have to direct them in any way during portraits; they were all set to cuddle up and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. And are practically professional dip-kissers! We were overjoyed with the garden backdrop and the love of the newlyweds. They were also willing to sneak to the river for more portraits as the sun was going down for more swoon-worthy photos.

We always enjoy receptions, and this was no exception. After a lovely first dance, the couple heard moving speeches from maid of honor Justine and best man Bryan, before digging into their delicious meal. DJ Davren then got the dance floor hopping right away, and the bright lights under the white tent put everyone in the party mood. Ashley hardly seemed to leave the dance floor the whole time we were there, enjoying boogying with her bridal party and friends.

Wishing them years of happiness together. Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Anderson!

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