Kelly + Frankie : Engaged!

Hines-Piliere Engagement CLR-15

I met with Kelly and Frankie in Humarock, MA at the family beach house for their engagement session. This was the same spot that Frankie popped the question this December in front of the Christmas tree, because he was so excited he couldn’t wait for their trip to Disney. They were up to brave the cold beach with me for at least a few minutes, because that view was too good to pass up. Snuggled together for warmth, this couple won the most adorable award in my book! When it got too cold to bear, we headed inside to warm up. It was the same day as their engagement party, which was perfect because there were decorations and family together. I put Kelly and Frankie’s ballroom dancing lessons to practice with an amazing dip kiss – which Frankie held even long after we were done snapping {swoon}.

We can’t wait for this couple’s cozy wedding this November. Cheers, Kelly + Frankie!!

Hines-Piliere Engagement CLR-2

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