Katherine & Russ | Brookdale Farm

Katherine, Russ, and I met at Brookdale farm, which is a favorite location of mine, for some holiday pictures. These two are repeat customers who told me they were looking for a rustic place to take some portraits. What I didn’t know is they had a surprise for me…

We had a great time despite the chilly weather. If anything, it made these lovebirds snuggle just a little bit closer. You can tell we had fun because in almost every picture Katherine and Russ are laughing. They spread joy wherever they go!

When Russ messaged me and said there would be three people, I expected his sister or another relative to arrive. When I asked though, I was shown an ultrasound!!!!! I couldn’t be happier for these two expecting parents. That will be one lucky and loved baby! The due date is in July, so we decided we’ll have to meet again (when it’s warmer!) to get pictures of Katherine’s adorable baby bump. Yay!

I am super excited to to share this exciting news and images with everyone. Thank you to Katherine and Russ for picking me to do your photos. I wish you all the best, and can’t wait to meet your future little one!