Cape Cod Engagement : Jiao Loves Shiran

Jiao and Shiran made the drive down to the Cape this summer for their engagement session at the always fabulous Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, MA. This audacious couple met while studying as exchange students in Taiwan, and love to travel. Their next adventure is a 100 foot scuba dive through a shipwreck in Canada! They wanted engagement photos that capture the little memories and moments. We met at Ocean Edge because it has the perfect combination of gardens and beach. Jiao really loved the tree in the front lawn, which she saw from this session of ours. The couple was happy to snuggle, and were so sweet together I could simply click the camera without interrupting.

Jiao says they have been “together forever” (5 years) and they are very excited for their wedding in China at the end of this year. Cheers, Jiao + Shiran!

Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-3Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-4Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-7Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-8Tian-Yu Engagement BW-28Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-14Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-18Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-19Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-29Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-31Tian-Yu Engagement BW-33Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-38Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-42Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-57Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-36Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-51Tian-Yu Engagement CLR-44