How Did I Get Into Photography?

There was no easy answer for me. No “AH HA” moment where I just knew I wanted to be a photographer. Looking back at my life, I always was attracted to pictures. As a child, I used to find discarded images around my house or dig through photo boxes and create handmade albums of the pictures no one wanted. Some of these had someone’s finger over the lens or awful shadows across faces, but they were memories. I still remember our Polaroid camera, and being amazed at the image that magically appeared if I shook it.


My husband Jason is the one who put a camera in my hand and faith in myself. Our date nights were photo walks around town or in the woods, snapping whatever caught our eye. He showed me the basics of using a SLR film camera and let me have it. This moment is my favorite photographer memory – being in charge of creating art. The pictures we developed weren’t awe inspiring, but had inspired me. My parents provided me with my first digital camera and lens set for the following Christmas. And from that day on, I was never without it.


I started getting invited to events in the hopes that I would bring my camera. Everyone came to expect that I would be capturing the moments. After college, I began my teaching career, but never fell in love with it. Photography was more and more my happy place. So when Jason got an opportunity to do his dream job, it made me think about my career. I was definitely not where I wanted to be. Then I received my first inquiry about a paid photography session, and I was hooked. I was driven to figure out how to pose better, which led to classes and websites and books and more sessions and videos and… well you get the point.

And now I am here, getting to do what I love with my husband everyday. It is amazing how far we have already come. But I am still looking forward, because there are so many ideas in my head and things I want to try. I am so grateful for the business I have and the support of my husband and family in my career. I will continue to succeed because I am crazy enough to think I can!!