Hight-Bartels Wedding

Hight-Bartel Wedding CLR-172

Meredith and Nate knew that they wanted to have a their wedding in the fall in New England. We were thrilled when we heard that they were looking at the 10th of October…10/10 so fun!! They described their wedding style as “traditional with a little funk” and if anyone could pull it off, it is these two!

As Meredith walked down the aisle with her dad, the Jaws theme began playing, much to the surprise of guests. Under a leafy “Jurassic Park-esque” arch, these two said “I do” with handwritten vows. Afterwards, guests were invited through a receiving line, where they were greeted by the newlyweds and their parents. Hugs and smiles and few tears were shed during this personal celebration with Meredith and Nate.

The gardens outside of the Barker Tavern provided a beautiful backdrop for portrait time. Lots of laughs as everyone gathered around the newlyweds and cheered on their love. The purple and gray colors of the bridal party were a bright compliment to the greenery that surrounded them. We of course also had to take some photos by the signature sign in front of the building.

Inside, under the soft gray hewn beams and high ceiling of the Barker, tables were set with glass lighthouse centerpieces over a purple “sea” with sailboat candles and rock table numbers. There was a Photo Booth happening where guests got a little silly and sent wishes to the newlyweds. One of our favorite things about this wedding was the bouquet and garter toss. A lighthearted tradition, Meredith and Nate kicked it up a notch by making the guy wear the garter the rest of the evening, and if it fell off then he owed everyone a round of drinks! This crew really knew how to boogie, and the dance floor stayed packed all evening.

We were honored to document the moments of such a special day for Meredith and Nate, and wish them all the best as newlyweds. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Bartels!

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