Higgins Armory Museum | Worcester MA

My husband used to go to The Higgins Armory Museum as a child, and when we heard it was closing, we knew we had to visit one last time. The building itself is a marvel. It is made of iron and glass. The inside is also beautiful, with the continuation of metal but also stone and arches to make you feel like you are in a medieval castle.

Higgins Armory was super busy because we went on the last day it was open, December 31st. There was a line just to get in the door! They had moving tributes to the many years the museum was open. While it was a sad day, it was a fun one for my hubby and me. I loved getting to see a part of his childhood, and he was impossible to tear away from the displays.

This museum is dedicated to suits of armor and weapons throughout history. It was awesome! And for a photographer, it was so fun to play with the details from the armor and the unique lighting that a museum presents. Super cool place, and a great day out for us. Check out some of my images from the day!

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