Heather & Paul | Arnold Arboretum

We met on an unusually warm November day at the Arnold Arboretum, which was an awesome suggestion by Heather! I had never been there before, but the interesting trees and winding path make it a cool photo place. I love to try new locations!!

They were just as enthusiastic as I was, and we had a blast coming up with fun things to do. From piggyback rides and spinning to dancing in the park, we had a fantastic time! I had to create a no biting rule… so you can just imagine. LOL

I know Heather and Paul through a mutual friend and was super excited that they wanted to take pictures with me. It is so much fun to get my friends in front of my camera professionally. Especially these two, because they are so gorgeous!

Heather and Paul are most obviously in love, and these pictures I think capture their beautiful relationship. These will make great Christmas cards for them this year.

We were having so much fun, we stayed out after dark. The image is a bit grainy, but I love it! Thank you, Heather and Paul, for playing in the park with me. I had a very nice time exploring the arboretum (even though I still can’t pronounce it correctly). I hope you enjoy your images. See you soon!