Harris – Diggle Wedding

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A Fort Getty Wedding in Jamestown, RI

Anyone who is near Kristin and Bryan can see how perfect they are together. Their wedding was rustic, relaxed, and totally them. The ceremony was filled with little “oops” like forgetting the rings and not having rope for the hand-tying, but it simply made it more personal and fun. Most brides would freak, but Kristen was just like “Oh, that’s on me!” LOL. They came and found us for some sunset portraits on the beach during dinner = best newlyweds ever! Jason was in detail-heaven, with antique bikes, hay bales, yard games, flowers… I could go on and on about this spectacular wedding, but instead I will let their photos do the talking!

I seriously had the best time with these two… my face hurt from laughing so much! Congrats to Mr. + Mrs. Diggle!!

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