Farrington-Norris Wedding

Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-184

Winter wonderland is the best description for this holiday wedding. Kelli and Mike’s big day was a dream to photograph. These two planned a super romantic, elegant wedding, and their day seemed like a perfect reflection of their personalities!

Starting the day with a happy first look outside of the Hawthorne Hotel, we then gathered family for a few more photos in front of the Christmas tree. Even with a bit of chill in the air, Mike and Kelli were smiling and snuggling the whole time. They just seemed so happy to be getting married; you’d never know it was 43 degrees! In anticipation for the cold, Kelli gifted her bridesmaid adorable cardigans and gloves, and wore a navy cardigan herself to match their dresses. Such a great idea for winter weather, and just amazing for photo moments!!

After their ceremony at St. Mary of the Sea (the same church where Mike’s parents said their vows years before), guests were invited to Groveland Fairways for a reception filled with warmth and handmade decorations. Kelli and Mike had the outdoor and indoor fireplace lit. This continued the cozy feeling of the reception, and provided an awesome backdrop for photos of the newlyweds.

One of our favorite things about this wedding was the amazing cake that Mike’s cousin baked and decorated for the couple. We’ve never seen such a beautiful rustic cake with so many different holiday flavor layers to choose from, such as chocolate peppermint and gingerbread spice cake. I have to say it took every ounce of willpower not to sample these while photographing them. We also loved the glitter ornaments that served as table decor and wedding favors. Kelli hand-wrote their names and wedding dates on each sparkly trinket that we are sure are now placed on their guests’ Christmas trees at home.

Congratulations to this happy couple… from the beautiful ceremony to the heartfelt speeches, we had a wonderful time documenting your winter wonderland wedding and wish you all the best!

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