Dogs are the Best

We love our terrier Isabelle. She is truly a part of our family. She participates in conversations, goes on vacation with us, and even helps run the business (she is our manager). Isn’t she just the cutest ball of fur?


Dogs are really awesome. Every day is the best day they have ever had, and you can’t help but smile because they are so happy. Which is why it is perfect to bring your dog to your engagement session! Your puppy will make you instantly relax and laugh at his/her doggy antics.

If you plan to bring your dog to your engagement session, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Bring a babysitter (and maybe a doggy friend)
  2. Bring lots of treats
  3. Choose a dog-friendly location
  4. Use a pretty (but reliable) leash
  5. Be okay with getting a little dirty


Kayla and Russ Engagement CLR-1Nicole + Patrick Engagement CLR-7Amy & Dan Engagement CLR-29

The overall idea is to know your dog. How will he/she react? Does he/she need to run around before pictures? We are willing to work with you to make sure your dog is safe, happy, and a welcomed part of the AMP family.


We can’t wait to meet your pup! Here are some of our great couples that included their fur-baby in their engagement photos:

Kayla + Russ (+ Nala + Benny)

Amy + Dan (+ Myles)

Nicole + Patrick (+ Olive)