Cozy Forest Winter Wedding

An outdoor fireplace, lots of greenery, cute sweaters, warm mittens, pinecones and glitter, handmade ornaments… this winter wedding is cozy, elegant and truly a winter wonderland.

Venue: Groveland Fairways // Getting Ready: Hawthorne Hotel // Florist: DIY – Diane Melanson // Cake: DIY – Lauren Kroesser //

Dress: BHLDN // Suit: Tommy Hilfiger //Music: 2 Clapps DJ // Favors: DIY – Kelli Farrington

Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-1Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-11Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-8Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-21Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-25Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-43Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-42Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-46Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-58Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-75Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-82Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-62Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-92Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-97Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-96Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-106Farrington-Norris Wedding BW-119Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-157Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-124Farrington-Norris Wedding BW-161Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-177Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-179Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-182Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-185Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-197Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-201Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-213Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-181Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-217Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-218Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-228Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-274Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-298Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-345Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-322Farrington-Norris Wedding CLR-370

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