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Consultation Meeting

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A consultation in person with your photographer before you decide to book is a super-important meeting. Choosing a photographer is starting a friendship, built on trust and knowledge. Your wedding photographer is going to be with you more than your future-spouse will be on the wedding day! You need to make sure this is the person that you want with you while you are getting ready and telling jokes, and yet is also the person capable of getting Aunt Betty to behave during family formals.

This consultation gives you a chance to really see if our personalities mesh enough for us to spend your big day together. I have my own checklist of things I need to bring to this meeting with you, but there are a few things you should do to prepare too.

Here are some tips for the consultation meeting:

1. Bring a notebook and a pen, so you can remember all the information later and compare notes if meeting with multiple photographers.

2. Be ready to place a deposit in case you fall  in love with this photographer.

3. Wear your favorite outfit (trust me, we are looking to see your style just like you are checking out ours).

4. Eat beforehand, even if you are meeting at a restaurant. You will be too busy talking to really enjoy a meal.

5.  Expect it to last an hour. It may be shorter than that, but just in case, you don’t want to be rushed.


You should also bring questions with you! Check out this post about questions to ask your wedding photographer.