Bosworth – Daly Wedding

Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-275

It was truly a perfect April day at the Saphire Estate in Sharon, MA as Katelyn and Mike tied the knot after ten years together. They said they were most excited for “the whole [wedding] thing,” and this event did not disappoint. Arriving on the party bus, the ladies were already getting started with the fun. Katelyn’s dress was a stunning floral sweetheart gown, with a pretty jeweled belt. And the flowers by Roche Bro. Floral – gorgeous! We love the navy and coral combination that this couple chose, as it just fit their rustic vibe. With details like marquis letters, mason jars, an old door seating chart, a suitcase card holder… we just couldn’t get enough!

During the ceremony, Mike and Katelyn gave their daughters rings as well, making it a family affair. While the girls were not sure about walking down the aisle, they were more than happy to stay with mom and dad as they said “I do” and shared their first kiss as husband and wife. It was a beautiful ceremony under the pergola, and as the sun began to go down we headed off for portraits.

The woodland path was a perfect spot for a little prop play and kisses, then we headed to the waterfront for the sunset. The sky was stunning and the lake reflected the light in such a lovely way. So romantic, despite the happy giggles the couple kept sharing. You can see they were full of joy about being husband and wife, though calling each other that took some getting used to for them.

Fun introductions, including the kids entering by whipping and nay-naying as well as a bridesmaid in a full split, lead to sweet first dances and toasts. And can we just say – the dinner at Saphire Estate was amazing! As soon as Fresh Sound DJ Services began the music, the wedding guests hit the dance floor and didn’t leave for the rest of the night. It was non-stop boogying. There were some fantastic dancers among Katelyn and Mike’s family and friends, making for some awesome photos. We found it hard to stop ourselves from joining in on the fun, and we learned how to Dougie! 🙂

It was such a playful, sincere, and joyful wedding, and we were so happy to be a part of it. All the best, Katelyn and Mike, and hope you enjoy the photos we captured!!

Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-5Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-31Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-57Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-34Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-43Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-68Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-100Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-146Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-153Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-165Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-187Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-172Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-189Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-199Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-218Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-213Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-239Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-242Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-243Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-251Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-262Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-264Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-272Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-281Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-288Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-283Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-295Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-299Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-293Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-310Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-311Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-332Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-341Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-359Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-370Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-417Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-420Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-432Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-442Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-455Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-609Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-530Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-508Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-621Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-585Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-627Bosworth-Daly Wedding CLR-626

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