Father’s Day 2018

“A father doesn’t just tell you he loves you. He shows you.”

Cheers to all the dads who show their love in every hug, smile, hand shake, and a million other little acts. Happy Father’s Day!

Popponessett Inn Wedding : Renee Loves Jimmy

Renee and Jimmy’s wedding at the Popponessett Inn was a bit wet (okay, it was a tropical storm) but they totally made the best of it and rocked the day! Even in the rain, it was beautiful. Renee started the day with beach yoga at sunrise with her and her girls – um, perfect! She then enjoyed the morning getting ready for their afternoon ceremony. Renee and Jimmy said their vows overlooking the ocean under the a pretty rustic birch tree arch. Their dog Rigley even stopped by for the fun, sporting a fancy bow tie. Love! Their Cape Cod wedding featured sea salt favors and tables named after beaches on the Cape. They had a DIY seating chart made from a picket fence and seed packets, stating “Please Find Your Seed.” I am always a fan of a cute pun. Renee and Jimmy danced their first dance to “From the Ground Up” by Dan + Shea because it talks about grandparent’s influence on their lives, and the couple felt it told their love story perfectly. They boogied long into the night, even with water pouring into the sides of their tent. Nothing could dampen their fun!

We loved being a part of their wedding day, and wish the new Mr. + Mrs. Martin all the best!

Pro Tips for Creating a Photo-Friendly Wedding Timeline

Constructing a wedding timeline completely from scratch can be totally daunting. There are so many moving pieces to coordinate. And of course photos are super important to you, or else you wouldn’t hire us as photographers. We hear you, boo! Here are some helpful planning tips that we have learned through our many wedding days with our awesome couples.

Pro Tip 1 : Your portrait time should be an hour before sunset for the best golden soft light.

You know that time of day when the light is all glowy and warm? Yea, let’s take photos then! This time changes throughout the year, so be sure to research when the sun sets on your wedding day specifically. Plan your ceremony to be finishing up an hour before sunset time. That way we can head outside/stay outside for portraits in the prettiest light. If that’s not possible, have ‘sunset’ on the timeline, and leave at least 10-15 minutes for portraits during the golden hour. Those images are always our favorite.


Pro Tip 2 : Start with ceremony, and work backward, then forward from there.

It might seem counter-intuitive to begin in the middle, but really it’s the best way to determine the timeline. You know you want to schedule your ceremony to end one hour before sunset (see, you’re rocking this timeline thing already!). We will want to start at least 2 hours before your ceremony to cover getting ready and details. Hair and makeup should arrive even earlier, and be just about wrapping up when we arrive. Transportation and the end of the night reception have to be discussed with those vendors, but with a solid ceremony time everyone can plan accordingly.


Pro Tip 3 : Plan multiple photo times.

Cocktail hour is typically not long enough for everything you want to do: family formals, wedding party photos, portraits, not to mention get to the party! It hurts our hearts when we have to rush with just the two of you. Plan instead to do either photos before the ceremony, later during the reception, or both! Some ideas for this could be a first look together (our favorite – read why here), individual wedding party and family photos during getting ready, large group photos on the dance floor, or sneaking away for night photos.

Pro Tip 4 : ALWAYS pad your timeline.

Don’t make your timeline so tight that any minor delay throws everything off. Wedding days are notorious for strange situations popping up (no matter how wonderfully planned it is). So give yourself a little break by padding your timeline with five minutes here and there.

Pro Tip 5 : Save time to explore your venue.

If you are getting married at a location that is known for its views and landscapes, make sure you build in time to take advantage of these opportunities. You decided to host the most important day of your lives here for a reason! We want to be able to capture all those special places that made you fall in love with your venue.


Pro Tip 6 : Give us time to photograph the reception room.

This is one area that couples usually forget to give us time for. We need to get into the reception room BEFORE any guests in order to take pictures of it untouched. This is another reason to do a first look. That way, we have more time during cocktail hour to get those gorgeous details and centerpieces. If you aren’t doing a first look, we will need to peel away at least 10-15 minutes before your introductions and before guests enter the room.



We are always happy to assist our couples with planning the best time for photos – just ask! We are honored you chose us to photograph your wedding, and are here for you throughout the planning process. Let us know if you have any questions, inspiration, or just good news in the time leading up to your big day.

Mother’s Day 2018

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! You are all kinds of amazing.

Lynch Park Engagement : Justin Loves Sarah

The dreamy sunset light at Lynch Park was so perfect for Sarah and Justin engagement session. They were so kind to travel for their engagement session, as this couple is having an amazing destination wedding. Sarah and Justin spent the day around the North Shore, seeing Salem and going to an authentic old-fashioned printing company in Haverhill. They loved the gardens and romantic stonework that makes Lynch Park so memorable, and suggested it as a good place to meet. I was swooning over this couple’s adorable demeanors and cozy snuggles. Sarah wore a gorgeous blush skirt to match their wedding colors. She looked simply stunning with handsome gent Justin by her side, making her laugh and keeping her warm. These video game lovers met at college at University of Connecticut. Justin asked Sarah’s dad for permission before proposing, which is super sweet!

We simply can’t wait for their fairytale wedding in Vermont June 2018. Cheers, Sarah + Justin!