Wychmere Beach Club Wedding : Second Shooting

As I was reviewing my work and updating my portfolio in the new year, I came across these photos from a Wychmere Beach Club wedding I took way back in 2015 when I had the privilege to second shoot with the ever-amazing Greer Rivera. She was a stunning Cape Cod photographer who has moved out to CA to pursue product and model photography. I learned so much following another photographer’s lead! It is so interesting to watch how other people work and how they see a scene. Also, I enjoyed being able to get creative and focus on more of the forgotten aspects of the day. I even got to get ready with the guys, which I never do (Jason always gets that pleasure)! So while there are not all the “traditional” shots, I wanted to share these beauties with you because I truly love them. I am excited to return here for Mary + Dan’s wedding reception this fall!! Maybe 2018 will bring me even more weddings at the Wychmere Beach Club… pretty please??


Plimoth Plantation Wedding : Teryn Loves Jason

Oh my goodness, we simply love this couple and this wedding! Teryn and Jason are the absolute sweetest! They have been together for 10 years after meeting at a UMass Dartmouth football game. They are carefree, enjoying simply living life like running errands together and sharing a coffee. As they say, “It’s just easy.” Their Plimoth Plantation was perfect from start to finish, and we loved celebrating with these awesome people and their family and friends.

Teryn and Jason rented houses in downtown Plymouth to get ready for their big day. They exchanged gifts before the ceremony, which is one of our favorite new traditions. Jason gave Teryn a diamond bracelet that had belonged to his mother. The couple made a lovely tribute to Jason’s mom and saved her a seat during the ceremony. You know she was watching down from heaven on this beautiful day and was smiling.

The day started overcast which worried the bride for her outdoor ceremony. However, the weather stayed clear and the sun even poked through just in time for some beautiful golden hour portraits with this gorgeous couple. Teryn and Jason exchanged vows in front of the rock wall in Hornblower Garden, a beautiful spot to say “I do”. Their JP was Jason’s brother-in-law and best friend Steve, who kept making everyone laugh with his jokes and his love for the groom. We then boarded the trolley and headed to the barn on the property, which is a fantastic place for photos! The warm glowing light was so pretty while Jason and Teryn toasted one another, snuggled, laughed, strolled, and kissed before heading into their reception.

Their first dance was probably our favorite part of the entire night. Jason and Teryn were so excited to be married, and their faces truly showed it! We loved the shared snuggles as well as the many dips and kisses that happened throughout their song “You are the Best Thing” by Ray LeMontagne. The room looked amazing with their pink and purple uplighting and the string lights outlining the tent. These two newlyweds added so much personality to their dance, and it was met with many cheers!

They DIYed so many details, its probably just easiest to list them. They made their programs into craft paper fans for the ceremony. Jason constructed their wedding arch out of birch branches. They created their centerpieces and table numbers, as well as signs for the ceremony and reception. Teryn and Jason had a wooden sign for their guests to leave notes for the happy newlyweds. They decorated their cocktail tables with jars and candles twisted with twine, giving a rustic feel to the tented reception.

We are so excited to share this gorgeous wedding with you all. Much love to the new Mr. + Mrs. Gorgone!


Downtown Plymouth Engagement : Dan Loves Jessica

When I asked Jessica what she loves about Dan, she replied, “He loves the dog, loves me very much, and he loves to show it.” Based on these photos, I couldn’t agree more! I so enjoyed taking photos of this happy couple, and exploring downtown Plymouth with them. With historic houses and pretty waterfront views, it was the perfect spot for a spring engagement session with Jessica and Dan!  They love funky windows and doors, so we hunted for some neat architecture throughout town. We even happened upon the bookstore and bakery that Jessica had been raving about earlier in the day. I so love using books during photo sessions!! Dan popped the question while they were out walking the dog, so of course their border collie Finn had to join in on the engagement photos. We ended their session with Jessica and Dan wearing their respective football team hats and a little friendly rivalry – so cute!

After this amazing photo session, I know that their wedding day next April is going to be filled with laughter, romance, and most of all love. Cheers, Jessica + Dan!

Is a First Look Right for Your Wedding?

A “first look” is when you see your fiancé before the wedding ceremony, and it is quickly becoming a tradition for many couples. We totally love this! From a simple tap on the shoulder, to elaborate plans with balloons, a first look can be as much or as little as you want. However, many couples when deciding whether or not to do a first look don’t realize it makes a big difference to your timeline. There are a lot of reasons that seeing each other before the ceremony may be the best option for your wedding day, such as…

You have a fall or winter wedding

While the foliage or snow is amazing, it gets dark quickly this time of year. There may not be much time after your ceremony to fit in family, wedding party, and moments with just the two of you. A first look ensures you have those outdoor photos with plenty of pretty light!

You want to attend cocktail hour

After the ceremony you want to CELEBRATE… not stand for formal photos. We totally understand you just want to get to the party! A first look allows you to have most photos done ahead of time, getting you to the fun part faster.

You want a lot of pictures of the two of you

If portraits are really important to you (and they should be!!), then a first look is a great option. We can capture the magic moment of seeing each other for the first time, as well as sneak you away for photos. It always hurts our heart when we have to rush through photos with the two of you because family formals took up all our time.

You have a lot of family or wedding party

Speaking of family and wedding party, consider how many people you will want photos with. The larger the groups, the longer those photos will take. You will appreciate having the opportunity for photos before the ceremony as well as after so that you have all the time you need.

You cry easily

Emotions run high on wedding day. People whose eyes leak on happy occasions may want to use a first look as a time to let those tears free before the ceremony. That way you still have time to freshen up again before you walk down the aisle.

You want to spend alone time with each other

Um, who doesn’t? It’s your wedding day, but yet there won’t be a lot of time for the two of you to be alone. We can totally be your excuse to sneak in some snuggles. A first look is the perfect opportunity for time away from the hustle of your wedding day preparations and to just relax in each other’s company. Sounds amazing, right?

Considering a first look might make the most sense for your timeline, giving you time to breathe and enjoy the day that you have spent so long planning. Even with all this said, we totally understand the wish to wait until the ceremony for that moment. We promise – no matter when you see the love of your life on your wedding day, it is going to be special!

Autumn Castle Engagement : Jim Loves Molly


Molly and Jim brought along pup Juniper for their engagement photos at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA. They had a great eye for pretty backdrops and picked a wonderful spot to meet. The foliage was stunning and bright on this overcast day, perfect for autumn. These two sweethearts enjoy taking Juniper for walks and binge-watching Netflix (totally our jam). They met at a college party and have been together 6 years now. I love how they are down-to-earth and happy in nature. Their authentic laughs and snuggles brought my camera and my soul joy.

Cheers to Molly + Jim, and their wedding this month is going to be amazing!