Snowy Winter Engagement : Adam Loves Beth

This session totally kicked our winter blues! We finally had some snow to play with, and Beth and Adam were the perfect delightful couple. Both Beth and Adam are re-enactors, so they wanted to tie local history into their winter engagement session. We met in Concord, MA at the Old North Bridge, which is a place special to them. They had considered having their wedding in the winter, but with unpredictable New England weather, February engagement photos were a great idea. We were all so excited that it snowed during the week, giving us a gorgeous white backdrop. These two enthusiastically embraced the chilly weather, and were just so darn adorable. My “winter” definition of love is doing whatever it takes to keep the other person warm. I know Jason loves me when he lets me put my icicle feet on his to heat them up. And I know Beth and Adam love each other because of how close they snuggled during their winter engagement session. Adam literally enveloped Beth in his jacket at one point, squishing her against him. Beth kept readjusting Adam’s scarf to keep him warm.

Beth and Adam are friends of ours from Plymouth, and we are so excited to be their wedding photographers! It will certainly be warmer at your August backyard wedding day, but thanks for braving the cold for some awesome photos. Cheers, Beth + Adam!