Adam’s Bar Mitzvah | Freedman Family | Newbridge on the Charles | Dedham MA

Adam’s Bar Mitzvah was fabulous! This family knows how to celebrate!!Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-103

Jason and I arrived at Newbridge on the Charles and were immediately stuck by how gorgeous the location is and how helpful and friendly the staff is. We began clicking away at the details while they set up. There was an amazing sushi bar, Mediterranean buffet, and “mock” tails for the kids.

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-1We could not photograph the ceremony, but you could hear the voices and feel the importance of the moment even through the doors. Once the service concluded, we jumped in the hall for some quick portraits with the Adam and his family.

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-52Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-55

Then, there were two cocktail hours – one for the kids, and one for the adults. Both were filled with people talking, laughing, and enjoying drinks provided by Cocktails Bar Staff. This was a great time for everyone to grab friends and smile!

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-62

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-59

Everyone headed inside when the hall was prepared and immediately hit the dance floor! This party was hopping as soon as the doors opened. Adam and his family were introduced, and then began the hora. The joy was infectious as they circled around and around. What an exciting moment when Adam was lifted up above the crowd!

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-89Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-94Adam’s father gave a speech thanking everyone for attending the Bar Mitzvah and for being a part of Adam’s life. He mentioned many times how proud of Adam he is, and how many of his good traits must come from his mother! Adam’s sister, Kayla, also said some kind words to her brother.

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-27

Once the dinner buffet was open, the dance floor was constantly busy. People got a little goofy, and were just having so much fun! The glow rings and bracelets that the DJ passed out were really great to add to the party atmosphere.

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-80Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-130

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-87

Later in the evening, Adam asked special people to come and light a candle on his cake.

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-152Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-155Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-168

The night ended (for us) with dessert and a beautiful slide show showing pictures from Adam’s life.

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-37

This was Jason and I’s first Bar Mitzvah, to attend or photograph, and it was a blast. We were honored to be part of Adam’s big day, and to celebrate with him and his family. This family was so fun, from the very start. They truly knew how to celebrate Adam’s Bar Mitzvah! Thanks, Freedman family, for an incredible event!

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