Baby Conway : Winter Maternity Session

This maternity session was one I had been looking forward to for YEARS. Seriously. Siobhan and I are close friends from high school, and I was so thrilled to hear the news that she and Matt were expecting! Equally exciting was that they chose to baby-moon here on Cape Cod so that we could get some photos together. We met at Chatham Lighthouse Beach on a January afternoon with the most beautiful light ever. The hazy pastel sky was the perfect backdrop for Baby Conway’s maternity photos. Matt and Siobhan are adorable together, sharing tender moments as a family. Mom-to-be mentioned she isn’t as nervous to stay home alone anymore because she has baby keeping her company. She has the cutest little baby bump and was glowing with joy talking about Baby Conway. Matt said they have decided to wait to find our the gender because “There just aren’t enough surprises in this world.” This lucky baby is entering into a family filled with love and happiness, and who enjoy the surprises in life.

Can’t wait to meet you Baby Conway. Congrats, Siobhan and Matt!!