Are We the Perfect Photographer For Your Wedding Day?

We are so happy you found us in your search for the perfect wedding photographer. If you are here, it means you connected with our work, which is fabulous. We provide a personalized, high-end experience for every one of our AMP couples. In order to do this, we only work with a select number of couples per year – so we want to make sure we are a perfect fit as much as you do!

But with so many amazingly talent people out there with a variety of styles and personalities, are we the right fit for YOUR wedding day? We’ve created this fun little quiz to help you decide. Keep track of your answers and find out at the end if we are a perfect match! 🙂



You’re engaged; congratulations! Tell us all about the ring…

A. It’s simple and classic. It goes with everything!

B. It’s a family heirloom, so it has a lot of sentimental value

C. It’s really unusual. I haven’t seen anything like it.


Time to start planning! What are you most looking forward to?

A. Choosing a color palette & planning out the details

B. Dress shopping with my closest girls

C. None of it… I just can’t wait to party!



What words would you use to describe your wedding style?

A. Romantic & Dreamy (think: tons of flowers!)

B. Elegant & Timeless (think: black-tie)

C. Laid-Back & Fun (think: clam bake)


Close your eyes and picture your favorite photo of the two of you on your wedding day. What do you see?

A. A dreamy background with the two of you looking lovingly at each other

B. A formal shot of the two of you looking at the camera

C. A candid moment on the dance floor



How important are family formals?

A. Pretty important. It’s not everyday we’re all together and look this nice!

B. I’d like to have a few with our immediate families only

C. I want photos of every single guest, so table-to-table shots are a must


Which of these wedding movies is your favorite?

A. Father of the Bride

B. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

C. Wedding Crashers



If you answered:

Mostly A’s and B’s …. We simply HAVE to work together!! It sounds like we would be a perfect match. Your day sounds amazing and we would LOVE to be a part of it!

Mostly C’s… Your style is fabulous and you should definitely rock it, but we’re probably not the ideal photographer for you.


We only work with a select number of couples each year, and we’d love if you were one of them! If we’re a good match, please say hello (and let us know your favorite part of this quiz) so we can be part of your most beautiful wedding day.