Woodsy Summer Engagement : MacKinley Loves Amanda

Ford-Trudeau Engagement CLR-16

This hiking session gave me a chance to explore the fabulous Lloyd Center for the Environment with Amanda and MacKinley. When I arrived, the quiet put me immediately at peace. There were so many birds enjoying dinner at the bird feeders, including a flock of wild turkeys and my favorite birds – cardinals. I knew then that we were in a magical place! The location was perfect for this outdoorsy couple, who were just telling me about their most recent hike of Mount Greylock. It gave us a woodsy feel with its well-marked, short trails that led through forest and marsh. We walked to the nearby dock on the lake for some pretty views and snuggles. MacKinley knows just how to make Amanda smile. They were naturals, and had me breaking into song throughout the session. It was an overcast day, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

We are very excited for their wedding next spring. Cheers, Amanda + MacKinley!!

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