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Meet Amanda


I am a wedding photographer because it is so fun to take pictures of happy people who are dressed fabulous.

You could spend a lifetime counting my freckles.

I am a sucker for a good love story.

My favorite food is potatoes… french fries, baked, mashed, it’s all good!

Every vacation, I find some sort of exotic adorable animal to snuggle. So far I have hugged a monkey, parrot, baby jaguar, and a sea lion.

I am constantly listening to music, but have a fairly eclectic taste. My playlist jumps from Walk the Moon to Britney Spears to Hamilton. Pandora accepts me for who I am.

I love that my name has 6 letters so I can write it with every color of the rainbow.

My hair can’t decide whether it is straight or curly. I also like to change its color frequently because, why not?

I cannot keep a plant alive, ever. All our houseplants are fake.

I went to private school for all 13 years of my education. Actually, 17 if you count Merrimack College too.

As cliche as it is, my husband Jason is my best friend. We truly love to spend time together and even enjoy the same TV shows.

The best part of my job is the amazing couples that I get to know.

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