When you select Amanda MacDonald Photography, you are working with Amanda + Jason, an awesomely dynamic husband and wife photography team. We don't really have a typical relationship of primary and secondary photographers. Working as individual artists, you get dual coverage of your entire event from two people who see the world through different lenses (literally!).


Amanda manages the day-to-day business. She is a wizard at capturing those magic candid moments, and is willing to hide in the bushes to get the perfect shot. Her friendly and quirky personality  makes sure you laugh even during the more hectic parts of your day.


Jason handles a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff like creating our keepsake boxes and maintaining and updating our gear. His attraction to little details makes him the best guy for photographing your special somethings. His quiet demeanor always puts people at ease.

I’m Amanda

You could spend a lifetime counting my freckles.

My favorite food is potatoes... french fries, baked, mashed, it's all good!

I am constantly listening to music, but have a fairly eclectic taste. Pandora accepts me for who I am.

I love that my name has 6 letters so I can write it with every color of the rainbow.

My hair can't decide whether it is straight or curly.

I cannot keep a plant alive, ever. All our houseplants are fake.

As cliche as it is, my husband Jason is my best friend.

I’m Jason

My brain is filled with random facts and knowledge that I may never use.

My other job is as a master woodworker, I'm literally obsessed with making things.

Once a week I geek out with my friends while playing Dungeons & Dragons.

I am a serial internet researcher; Wikipedia, Google, and I are tight.

When I started taking pictures, my camera was older than myself and used film!

I could probably eat pizza every day of my life.

If I am feeling down, Amanda can always make me laugh, no matter what.

I’m Isabelle

It’s my job to remind mom and dad to take breaks and go outside.

I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset.

I have lots of names: Dog, Monster, Izzy, Fur Ball, Good Girl, Izzy-bells, Home Slice

Dad and I have matching beards, but mine is better.

All my toys come hidden inside other toys, I have so much fun finding the squeaker.

My favorite food is pumpkin…oooh and chew bones…and treats!

My vet says I am spring loaded

I love mom and dad unconditionally!