A Little Flower

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower” – Hans Christian Anderson

In appreciation for the first day of spring, here is a some of our favorite flower photos to brighten your day and welcome in the new season. Happy spring!!

Harris-Diggle Wedding-134Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-6Nickerson-Davis Wedding CLR-144Rowan-Matook Wedding-91Mazzara-Vettori Wedding CLR-208Glow-Priddle Wedding CLR-165Mazzara-Vettori Wedding CLR-255Rowan-Matook Wedding-15Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-181Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-310Flynn-Frasca Wedding CLR-10Woodfin-Lenaghan Wedding CLR-85Mazzara-Vettori Wedding CLR-209Corrado-Tenanes Wedding CLR-7