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When I have a consultation with a perspective client, I bring a worksheet that I have created. It has questions that help me get to know you better and to find out some details of their wedding. It helps me find out more about your personality and what you are looking for in terms of style, hours, and products. As a bride looking for a photographer, shouldn’t you be as prepared as possible to know about who you are hiring? I realize this can be overwhelming because you haven’t done this before.

What sort of questions should you have? Well, here’s a few that your photographer hopes you ask…

1. How many weddings will you photograph on my wedding day?

2. Have you ever shot at my venue?

3. Do you work from a shot list?

4. Do you bring a second photographer?

5. What will you and your second photographer wear?

6. How long until I see my images?

7. When is the balance due?

If you are meeting with me, I have already answered a lot of these in my Frequently Asked Questions, but if anything is ever unclear, ASK! Choosing a photographer is the start of a great friendship, built on trust and knowledge. I promise, we would rather answer the same question over and over again than have us on different wave lengths.

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