5 Ways to Guarantee Your Wedding is Rave-Worthy

Nothing is better than having your family, friends, and guests rave about how fantastic your wedding was. You want to be the event that everyone compares theirs to! Here are some ways to guarantee that you are the talk of the town for years to come.Thompson Wedding BW-1431. Keep Guests in Mind When Planning

Your marriage is about you two, but the wedding is about everyone else.

I absolutely believe that you are the star of the day, and everyone is there to celebrate your love. But really, planning a wedding is not all about what you want. Keep your guests in mind when you plan a grand ceremony in a church that is 10 hours away from the reception site, or you have a cocktail hour that starts 2 hours after the ceremony and your guests have no where to go. Solve those problems!

The start of a great marriage is one that has the support of family and friends around it, so show your gratitude by throwing the best party ever – for them. They’ll thank you by raving about your wedding forever!

Och-Reusch Wedding-166

2. Hire a Rocking Band or DJ 

Nothing is worse than a wedding where no one dances. The music is a crucial part to having fun and getting guests talking about how much they enjoyed your wedding. Bands and DJs also control the pace and the overall atmosphere of the reception, so make sure  you hire someone who rocks.

Thompson Wedding CR-59

The Chicken Slacks from Boston MA


3. Put Thought Into Unique Details

People talk about things that are unique. There are many ways to make your details standout. Start with wedding save-the-dates and invitations that make a statement, like these. Naked wedding cakes are a growing trend that people take positive notice of. Also, bouquets and boutonnieres with interesting items in them, or made completely from shells or jewelry, are fantastic ways to create a buzz.

Go even further and really surprise guests with unique place settings, place cards, or table linens. Or a different way of naming tables, or a choreographed dance with your bridal party, or… well, you get the idea. Here is a list of 75 more great ideas.

Bergeron Wedding CLR-79

4. Have WOW Photos and Amazing Ways to Share Them

Most guests never end up seeing any images from your wedding day. A picture is worth a thousand words, and your images are going to get people raving! Wall displays pack the most punch. People visiting your home will be reminiscing about your awesome wedding every time they enter!

But online is fabulous for reaching everyone. Pick only your favorites to post. No one really views your Facebook album with 200 photos. Also, get creative with digital ways to display your photos. I love these online galleries that I give all my clients, because it is easy to share with everyone who was in attendance. Plus, your guests can buy the pictures of themselves or that they photobombed. That will really get them talking!

Freedman Bar Mitzvah CLR-124

5. Give Kick-butt USEFUL Wedding Favors

Think about items that your guests will actually want. S’mores kits, donuts, basically any type of sweets is appreciated. But also think practically about things people might want to use at your reception. Maybe some cool shades for your summer wedding? Ladies in heels would really appreciate flip flops as a wedding favor. I have been to an event where playfully colored socks were given out so people could really boogie on the dance floor, without worrying about dirty feet. Blankets or personalized lip balm in fun flavors are super cute for winter weddings. Truly, the ideas are endless! Kick-butt wedding favors are never forgotten.


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